About IPC

 Information Processing Corporation has been in business since June 1989. We have developed and supported systems for a variety of clients (Appliance Warehouse, CSC) and industries (Banks, IT Processors (IBM, EDS, PHNS), Retailers and Hospitals. We have also built and support our own products. Omni Sports Management (administration system for Sports organization like Tennis Australia and municipalities),  BPM Online (a business workflow solution), and Reminders-Plus.

Reminders-Plus was built to provide business (small and large) and nonprofits (such as churches, social groups, etc.) with a single source for Email, Text and Phone communications. This development came from our experience in eMail marketing and SMS in our Sports Administration system (Omni Sports Management)

We have recently added Surveys and Event Registration to our features. Our focus is to provide a full solution with pricing flexibility so you only pay for what you need , when you need it. Low standard monthly pricing with a "pay as you use it approach". Through the years we have adding these features to our other products and now you can get them in a stand-alone service.

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