Reminders-Plus provides stats and charts for campaign review.

Create a campaign and channel your reminders and/or notifications simultaneously through phone, text message or email for the most successful client contact.

Easily create runs for today's notifications or for future notifications by uploading client and appointment information via a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet


When responses are needed. Campaigns can be scheduled with multiple responses.  This allows for real-time cancellation notification and requests to reschedule, as well as accumulating client or patient reported data for customer experience metrics. Perfect for keeping professionals billable throughout the day and keeping clients informed and happy. These types of campaigns are be done through Email, SMS and Phone.

Reminders-Plus can be used for

  • One time appointments
  • Recurring appointments
  • Proactive notification of inactive clients
  • Accumulating patient-reported data measuring care experience
  • Attendance confirmation to events


When no response is required.  Communicate with large groups and reach many people with just a few clicks. Reminders-Plus is a simple, yet effective way to get your message out in a hurry. It is perfect for emergency related or critical communication when time is of the essence. Examples include:

  • School closing information
  • Weather alerts 
  • Advertise product specials
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Holiday greetings
  • Missing children alerts
  • Preventive care reminders
  • Overdue balance notifications
  • Police & Fire emergencies
  • Membership notification
  • Service outage notification
  • Volunteer mobilization
  • Community notification
  • Retail Sales and coupons
  • Surveys
  • Events


Other Features

  • All uploads are scanned for viruses (protecting everyone);
  • Emails, SMS and Phone calls can be scheduled for a date and time in the future;
  • MMS is supported, including animated GIF's;
  • All features, including Surveys and Events, are part of the system. No third party interfaces;

Communications to your clients are personalized with information provided in the file you upload. It is similar to how a form-letter generates many documents, each personalized to a specific individual. For our discussion, we can use a patient list with a schedule of upcoming appointments.  For each patient appointment, Reminders-Plus takes the pieces of information from your list or CRM and inserts them into the message being spoken, emailed or texted to the patient. This all happens in a real-time process. Cancellations and/or requests to reschedule can be sent back to the office immediately for action or you can view the results in a Daily reminder results spreadsheet, posted to your account on the website.

But not all emails are about appointments. The templates are just a start, you can delete what is there and create a newsletter or other content. You can also have attachments with your emails. You can build a Survey in Reminders-Plus and link to it in your email.

You can make your own recordings from your own phone! This can be used for special phone blasts as well as an alternative to using TTS (Text To Speech).  Key fields (Client name, appointment time) from your client list are spoken real time within the message reminder script using TTS generating a seamless and personalized call to each client.

 also detects if the call is answered by a person, machine or voice-mail, and then adjusts messages accordingly. This allows for appointment confirmation via touch response when a person answers.  If voicemail is detected then another message, different from the live message, can be recorded.

Delivery of the important information your contacts need, while allowing them to respond, confirm or connect with your staff is proven to be a very effective communication channel. The time of contact is recorded and reported. The length of each phone call is also recorded.

 allows you to select from one of many templates to create your email. The templates include buttons used for Confirmation or Cancellation of appointments. This allows for patients to respond directly to your office and communicate with your staff via email if they cancel an appointment. Many offices implement and monitor an email box specifically for this purpose such as Delivery of the important information your patients need, while allowing them to respond, confirm or connect with your staff produces a very effective communication channel.

You will know when the person opened the email (date and time) as well as the result of a confirmation or cancellation. Again, cancellation notices can be immediately sent to your office.

Reminders-Plus allows you to create your own short text message (SMS). The appropriate fields from your list are dropped into each text. Keep in mind that text messages are limited to 160 characters. Messages longer than 160 characters would require multiple SMS segments. SMS is a great option for younger contacts that use their mobile phones as their primary means of communication.

The option for contacts to respond is also available. A typical text template may include "reply yes to confirm your appointment". Responses and results are reported back to your office on a daily reminder report which gets posted to your account on the website. 

You will know when the patient received the SMS (date and time) as well as the result of a confirmation or cancellation. Again, cancellation notices can be immediately sent to your office.


The results of all campaigns can be downloaded in an excel file to import into other systems.