Reminders-Plus provides an easy to use, inexpensive, contact solution that benefits you and your contacts. Reminders-Plus combines all three major contact mediums (phone, SMS, Email) into one system for contact management. Plus we provide the feature of creating and sending surveys to your contacts. Use surveys for feedback or other informational endeavors.

Your audience is mobile and busy. You need a solution that can deliver your message effectively. You need Reminders-Plus!

Regardless of the industry, our mission is to provide an easy to use contact solution that benefits you and your contacts. Reminders-Plus combines all three major contact mediums (phone, SMS, Email) into one system for contact management. Plus we provide the feature of creating and sending surveys to your contacts. 

Our billing is based upon actual usage, not monthly plans that overcharge you to insure a profit margin. We charge based upon the actual SMS, Phone Calls sent. We have simple base plans, each come with a number of emails or unlimited. All SMS and Phone Call usage is based on actual usage in contrast to our competitors which base on projected usage, more like projected profit,  thus you end up paying for services that you did not use.



Automated Calls

Announce upcoming events or remind your clients of an appointment with a phone call. Receive an interactive response with confirmation or cancellation. You will know how long they listened to your message and if it went to voicemail. Have your campaign provide an appointment time and the ability to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments.

You can also have a different message if your message goes to Voice Mail. This enables you more options in your message to your contacts.

Reminders-Plus gives you the option of Text-to-Speech or the recording of your own message. No special equipment is needed to make a recording, just use your own phone!

SMS (Texts)

Send a text to remind your clients of an appointment or send a push notification regarding a special event. Receive back an interactive response. You can also use SMS to provide a link to a survey that you created in Reminders-Plus! 

Texting is more likely to obtain a response than email. With Reminders-Plus you have all responses from your contacts saved in the database. You can even review these with your contacts. Notifications, appointments, surveys and more can be done through a simple SMS/Text message.


Remind your clients of an appointment or send out a news blast to your contacts with an email. Receive an interactive response with confirmation or cancellation. Use emails to send out survey links to get your contacts opinions on a variety of topics.

Our email program allows to to use a predefined template or create your own email from scratch. If you like your email creation then save it as a template for future use! Email marketing provides a medium where you can put a lot of information into one communications. 

Confirmations and cancellations can be recorded using our templates. You can get these results and load them back into your existing reservation/appointment system. One of our best features is including a survey in your email. A survey that you created using Reminders-Plus Survey tool.

You can also create an "Email Only" account! This account can be changed to a full featured account later.

It's Simple

Just provide the contact information.. (this can be a spreadsheet or comma delimited file).

Specify which service or services you wish to employ (phone call, text and/or email). Create a campaign (Email, SMS or Phone calls). We have email templates available to help you get started.

Schedule the date and time to start the process. You can schedule a campaign run to take place hours in the future, or even weeks! Cancellations and confirmations can be sent to you real time or you can download the results after the process completes.

Yes, interactive communication with your clients to confirm or cancel an appointment without your staff having to take the time to contact each one directly. Download the results to update your reservation/appointment system. This can be done using Email, SMS and Phone. 

If you are a marketing firm then Reminders-Plus is a great tool to enhance your services to your clients. Create different campaigns for your clients and track the results. With our charting you can prepare professional presentations for your clients. Use files provided by your clients or that you created as input for Email, SMS and Phone call campaigns. 


CRM Database

You can also load your contacts/customers into our CRM database which allows you to do a couple things:

  1.  Easily use this to send emails, SMS, phone calls and surveys without having to load another file;

  2.  Associate keywords/groups to each contact to regulate which message they receive, and which ones they don't. This is done by matching these same keywords/groups to the keywords/groups associated to a campaign;

  3. Allow your contacts to manage their contact preferences;

  4. Use the subscribe link to harvest more contacts.



 You can create your own surveys and review the responses! A report is provided to review to provide percentages to the responses of each question. Using the CRM and keyword/grouping feature you can target which contact get a survey. One group gets Survey A, another group gets Survey B, and so forth. 

Reminders-Plus provides the ability to create and send surveys to your contacts.


Reminders-Plus allows you to create your own questions and responses, no third party involvement. See the results of your surveys on a daily basis as responses are entered. Have multiple surveys in progress at the same time. The Survey feature in Reminders-Plus does not have an extra cost.

Surveys are a low cost option for most companies, small or large. A survey can help in product, marketing and support directions for a company. They provide essential information.

Use surveys for:

  • Customer Feedback on a service;

  • Customer Feedback on a product;

  • Prospect Feedback;

  • Information on customers, general likes/dislikes;

  • Political positions;

  • More....


Event Registration

Reminders-plus provides you with the ability to manage registration to events. It is simple as creating an Event, create its registration page (control content, images and colors) and then send an email or SMS to the contacts you want to register to the Event. We also provide you with the ability to create custom Event Reminders for Email and SMS and specify the date that these reminders will automatically be sent.

Print the Event Registration roster on the day of the Event, or before. 

(Below is an example of a customized registration page. The colors are your choice.)

Below are just a few types of organizations that can utilize Reminders-Plus:


Medical / Veterinarians  School / Education Sports Groups Churches / Non-Profits